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Fun questions to ask the children.x

 Hello readers I hope you have had a lovely weekend and keeping well. Todays blog will be 10 questions that I asked my child over dinner. Some of the answers made me chuckle and was suprised by some also. Comment below what your childrens replies are id love to hear them. 1. Whos the prime minister? ... Borris Johnson 2. Whats yor favourite colour? Yellow....and blue  3. How olds mommy? 25 4. Whats your favourite number? 45 because 11.45 is 15 minutes till lunch time 🙈 5. What would one wish be? That the sickness goes away. 6. What is mommy and daddys jobs? Fixer and a teacher. 7. Whats your favourite animal? House animal a dog becuase i love my dog , land animal a zebra because their fast. 8. If you could go anywhere where would you go? The beach and go in the sea. 9. Whats your favourite programme? The lion guard. 10. Whats your favourite food? Banana. Happy Asking Love Mamma x
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How to make sensory bottles x

 Hello readers I hope you have all had a fantastic week and enjoy your weekend. This week has bene very  busy work wise hence the lack of posts , I will get there eith uploading regularly with the right schedule. Todays blog will  be how to make a DIY sensory bottle and ideas on how to fill them. They are cheap to make and beneficaial to all children of different needs and ages. What you will need for a musical sensory bottle : 1. A plastic bottle with a lid. 2. Superglue and small paint brush  3. Rice or pasta In a clean plastic bottle place pasta or rice half way until the bottle is full. Ensure you spread on super glue to the bottle and tighten on the lide and leave to dry. Your child will enjoy hearing the noises the different bottle make when shook. You can use them during rhyme time or to distract them when upset.  What you will need for calming sensory bottles 1. A plastic bottle with a lid 2. Super glue and paint brush 3. Water 4. Food colouring  5. Sequins or buttons to match

Negative test and isolation x

 Hello  readers I hope you are all well. Major apologies about the lack of updating we have been spending time as a family enjoying life. As the little one started showing symptoms we decided to go and all get tested which thankfully came back negative. We decided to continue to isolate as his immune system was already week we isolated even though we had our negative results. We are living in such uncertain times we can never be to careful of what we are doing and who we are coming into contact with. I hope you all continue to stay safe and keep on doing what you are doing. I appreciate that these times are hard on emotions and mental health and just want to see you are all fabulous and doing great. Love Mamma x

Covid 19 test....x

 Hello readers Sorry about the delay , yesterday was stressful as we had to get the little one tested for covid 19 as he stsrted to showspme symptoms. We are pretty it is just the flu but after being back at school for just 2 days you can imagine the stress we are going through. Currently we are isolating until results come back ...hopefully negative. Today he seems to be much better whereas the other day we were in two minds whether this could be covid 19 as a temp was present and and a cough too. However he also had flu symptoms such as runny nose and  sneezing. Now its just the waiting game.  Sorry I have  not posted any activites for you to try we are all abit srtressed waiitng. Love Mamma x

Curiosity toys and there benefit x

 Hello readers , I hope your well , todays blog will focus on curiosity play approach to learning. Curiosity play allows children to spark their imagination and base play around their thoughts. Children are driven to explore where they build a base for their own learning. The environment consists of neitral colours which means your child will not become over stimulated by bright colours you may find in your every day nursery/ pre school / kindergarten setting. Having a curiosity approach settings allows children to be lifelong learners who develop language and communication skills aswell as non verbal language who become independent thinkers.  Here are some items which fall under the curiosity approach environment; - wooden baskets - nuts and bolts - wooden instruments  - fairy lights - wooden blocks - pots and pans - cups and saucers - bottle tops and jar lids - bangles - sensory bottles - wooden car ramps - woodwn numbers  - crafts  - home corner play - shape stackers - animals with

5 language activities for quiet toddlers.x

 Hello readers   I hope you are all well and safe. Today's blog will be a communication and language based blog. Some children have the capability of talking but in busy settings may be shy and not want to talk. With the school season approaching I will be providing you with speech and language activities that you can do with your child at home.  1. Make a scrap book. Use old magazines, pictures from the internet anything you can get hold off. Make a scrapbook out of different photos such as things you can ride on , foods , shapes , colours,  utensils and animals. Sit down with your child and talk about the pictures , what you can see and whats happening in the pictures. 2. The "yes" or "no" game. Make up silly questions to ask your child such as "can a car fly" "do pigs have wings" "can you see air". Let your child ask you questions to engage their brain. Your child will be using critical thinking and vocabulary by doing this. 3. M

New posts coming soon.x

 Hello readers Sorry for the lack of posts I have been very busy with work and family. New posts will be every Wednesday at Sunday. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Love Mamma x