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Fun ways to share stories.x

Hello readers, I hope you are keeping well and safe with your family. Entertaining your little ones through these times can be frustrating (dont feel guilty for getting frustrated it's part of the rollercoaster) as your child may rather play than complete work set. It is vital form a young age your child is read to. Children can learn new language and words when they are read to, whilst sparking their imagination. Not all children enjoy story books so here are a few ways to get your child engaged in story time. 1. Let your child choose the book you want them to read. If they feel it is their choice chances are they will be more focused as the option is centred around themselves. 2. Set up a cosy corner. Make the reading area comfy and quiet so your child has no distractions and can be comfortable when reading (free from noise if you can). 3. Use puppets. Children will love acting out a story,  whether you buy your own puppets or get your child to make some using any resou

Quick Mum Workouts

Hello Readers, I hope you are all keeping well and safe during these difficult times, it’s now when we appreciate what we have and enjoy keeping safe and spending time with our little ones. We will never get this time back again even though the cause for this is not great. Having spare time is a wonderful time to start a fitness journey , whether you have never exercised at all or you are a fitness fanatic, now is a great time to appreciate and look after our bodies and souls. Here are some quick workouts idea to stay active during isolation and lockdown. Bum and Glutes Activation  Do these for 30 seconds each x2 1. Fire Hydrants to leg extensions 2. Rainbows 3. Plank hip dips 4. Squat walks 5. Leg circles Quick abs Do these for 30 seconds each  1. Cross abs 2. One leg sit up (both legs) 3. Russian twists 4. Full sit up 5. Chrunches 6. Heel taps ( both sides) 7. Bicycles 8. Reverse crunches 9. Leg raised toe touches These workouts are great to keep active an

Teach Your Child To Count

Hello Readers, Maths and counting is something that we use in our everyday life. Children will use counting in school life and through adult life , it is a vital tool we all need. We can teach our children to count through play, children here will not realise they are being ‘taught’. Here are some fun ways to get your children counting. From nursery to secondary school counting will be used. 1. Let your child help you bake some cakes together.  When the mix is ready to be separated into cake cases , allow your child to spoon the mixture into the cake cases, count them as your child spoons mix into each case (1...2....3....4 until they are all filled). Why not encourage your child to copy you as you say it. With the repetition of counting their your child will eventually remember the sequence of numbers and begin their counting journey. 2. For some family fun , play board games together that possibly envolve a dice. Let your child roll the dice and whatever number it lands on , fo

Fun Isolation Activities x

Hello readers, Times are hard at the moment but we are all in this together. As all we parents know children will easily get bored during isolation and us parents struggle to keep the children entertained. here are my top 5 activities for some family fun. 1. Make a giant snakes and ladders board game. Find any old large pieces of paper or card and make your own giant board game. Get your child to help decorate the snakes and the ladders. This game will help your child improve math skills by recognising numbers and counting skills. If you don’t have coloured counters why not try buttons or spare change. Roll the dice and let the fun begin.😁 2. Make a den. Collect sheets, duvets and pillows and let your children take you on a journey through their imagination. Let your child be as creative as they can by building their own secret den. For the fun to go further let them have a secret picnic inside or even camp the night! 3. Does your child love stories? Why not read them their fa

My First Blog

Hello lovely readers , This is my first of what I hope to be many successful blogs. I am a mum to a 6 year old boy and a loving yellow Labrador.  I love to read parenting blogs and thought I would give it a go myself. I love to spend time with my family and read blogs about family life. I am fun loving person and would love to give inspiration to the world. My blogs will be based around parenting, lifestyle and hacks , fitness and healthy eating. All of these are things are what I show passion for. I am looking forward to blogging for you all and can not wait to start. Love Mamma x