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Home-schooling Tips During Lockdown .x

Hello readers , Home schooling children can be daunting one day and enjoyable the next. Your children may not want to sit and learn with you but it is important not to throw the towel in but to encourage your children to carry on. Its ok to be leaniant and not too strict. Ensure to engage your child in lots of different activities and exciting experiments. Make learning fun but educarional. You can always check your childs school website for home learning ideas and ideas on what to focus on. Here are some tips to help you and give you some advice on home-schooling. 1. Base activities around on your child's interests. Use your childs toys during teaching time. For example if you are teaching your child maths use their favourites toys and base the questions on the toys. Ask your child to half the toys equally between 2 people , 4 people etc. Ask your child to put them in size order from smallest to biggest. By doing this the chances are your child will stay more engaged rather th

Teaching Your Child To Recognise Letters.

Hello readers, I hope you are all well. Reading is a big subject between parents. Reading is everywhere in our lives from childhood to adulthood to working life. For your child to be able to read , they have to be able to recognise the letters of the alphabet. All children develop at different rates, it is importsnt you do not compare your child to others. Some may pick up sight seeing letters quickly where some may need that little extra help. Remember to always praise your child after everything they do. Here are some helpful tips on teaching your child to recognise letters using phonics sounds. 1. Phonics letter cards. Not all children will enjoy this but there are ways to make this fun. Start by going through the pack and pointing out the letters and repeating the letter to your child. Repeat each letter 5 times and get your child to do this yo before moving onto the next letter. Praise your child each time they do this correctly. 2. Letter of the week. Focus on one letter a

My Favourite Cleaning Products.x

Hello readers As we all know our children and pets can be rather messy. There can be stubborn stains which can be tough to clean and remove. Cleaning can be quiet daunting especially when we are on a down day. Lighting a relaxing scented candle is the best pick me up to start your routine. These are my favourite cheap cleaning products which I use to keep my home fresh and clean. I reccomend these 100% to anyone. 1. The Pink Stuff (spray bottle). This product is cheap and amazing. I use it on my oven, kitchen tiles , floor , cupboard doors and window sills. The spray works within seconds but for best results I would personally leave the spray to work in for 15 minuites on stubborn stains. Afterwards use a sponge to wipe away and watch the stains dissapear. 2. The Pink Stuff (paste). This is amazing to bring your oven back to life. Apply this paste using your minky sponge and apply in circle motions. Leave the paste on for 4 hours and wipe off with clean warm water. If the out

How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

Hello readers , I hope you are all well. Sleeping is a topic many of us avoid, especially when we have experianced a child who struggles to sleep. Parents and children both need sufficent sleep to have energy for the day that follows. Sleeping is beneficial to us all and when we are deprived from sleep it can effect us emotionally and mentaly. Here are some helpful stratergies to encourage your child to sleep. 1. Set up a bedtime routine. When it is closing to bedtime ensure you follow the same routine daily. Make night times relaxing, give your child a relaxing bath , put them in to their night wear and limit noise. Give your child time to calm down and to settle ready for bed. Once your child gets into a nighttime routine this is something their body will adjust to , giving a more peaceful nights sleep. 2. Reduce screen time 1 hour before bed. Instead of letting your child watch screens before bed , reduce the noise and dim down the lights. Why not have a cuddle with your child

Writing Numbers and Letters

Hello readers , Writing is an essential part of our lives. We write without even thinking about what we are doing or how we are doing it. Children begin to write from an early age starting from mark making to letter formation to writing their name to sentence writing. As a parent we can make this a fun activity for our children to do. Its a well known fact that all children have their off day but its important to not give up and try again another day.  Below are some ideas on how to make writing fun. 1) Flour play. Spread some flour on a tray and encourage your child to draw letters or numbers in the flour. When they draw a letter repeat it to them so they can begin to learn what letter is what. This is a fun sensory activity for children to do and it will keep them engrossed. 2) Finger paint. Put a small amount of paint andnlet your child draw numbers and letters using their fingers and the paint. Ensure you keep the colours bright and engaging to prevent boredem. Show your chil

Painting Ideas .x

Hello readers I hope you are all keeping safe and well. All children love to paint no matter what age they are. All you need for these ideas are paints and resources to paint with. These can be done as a family or leaving your child to creative by them self. Here are a few ideas to get arty and add some fun colour to isolation life. 1. Painting with ear buds is fun and reduces spillages and mess. Whether you leave your child to design there own painting or you give them a template, start them off by dipping the end of your ear bud in paint and watch the colours emerge. 2. Printing with blocks. This is a brilliant way to get your child identifying shapes whilst having fun. You can get them to tell you which shape is which , which shape is the biggest. Why not identify colours together ? Children will be learning whilst having fun with family. 3. Hand prints. Why not make one big peice of paper and all do a hand print together. Use many different colours to brighten up your day