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How To Help Your Child Sleep Better

Hello readers ,

I hope you are all well. Sleeping is a topic many of us avoid, especially when we have experianced a child who struggles to sleep. Parents and children both need sufficent sleep to have energy for the day that follows. Sleeping is beneficial to us all and when we are deprived from sleep it can effect us emotionally and mentaly. Here are some helpful stratergies to encourage your child to sleep.

1. Set up a bedtime routine. When it is closing to bedtime ensure you follow the same routine daily. Make night times relaxing, give your child a relaxing bath , put them in to their night wear and limit noise. Give your child time to calm down and to settle ready for bed. Once your child gets into a nighttime routine this is something their body will adjust to , giving a more peaceful nights sleep.

2. Reduce screen time 1 hour before bed. Instead of letting your child watch screens before bed , reduce the noise and dim down the lights. Why not have a cuddle with your child , perhaps read a story or talk about your day. Playing soothing music can also calm your child down. Do not let your child watch programmes which hyper them up or scare them as this may stick in your childs mind.

3. For older children reduce nap times in the day. If your child needs a nap limit them to half an hour so they do not get energetic when it comes to bed time as this will disrupt their body clock. If your child is toilet trained through the night do not allow your child to drink juice past 5pm , limit them to water to reduce bed wetting accidents or your child waking in the night for the toilet.

4. Ensure your child feels safe in bed alone. If your child is scared they will not be able to sleep alone and may become upset. It is important your child is warm enough at night and is comfertable. Of a summer if your child begins waking early you can put up black out fabric against your childs curtain to block any bright sunlight. Always praise your child the next morning when they have slept well.

It is important to limit a childs caffine intake. Always reassure your child and remove any fears they have. Lack of sleep can cause stress to adults and children and it is important to not let this cause worry. Its very important you stick to a bedtime routine once you have set one , even on weekends and school holidays. Once its in a childs system their body will eventually get used to it. I hope these tips are helpful and useful to you.

Love Mamma x


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