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My Favourite Cleaning Products.x

Hello readers

As we all know our children and pets can be rather messy. There can be stubborn stains which can be tough to clean and remove. Cleaning can be quiet daunting especially when we are on a down day. Lighting a relaxing scented candle is the best pick me up to start your routine. These are my favourite cheap cleaning products which I use to keep my home fresh and clean. I reccomend these 100% to anyone.

1. The Pink Stuff (spray bottle). This product is cheap and amazing. I use it on my oven, kitchen tiles , floor , cupboard doors and window sills. The spray works within seconds but for best results I would personally leave the spray to work in for 15 minuites on stubborn stains. Afterwards use a sponge to wipe away and watch the stains dissapear.

2. The Pink Stuff (paste). This is amazing to bring your oven back to life. Apply this paste using your minky sponge and apply in circle motions. Leave the paste on for 4 hours and wipe off with clean warm water. If the outcome is not as you wanted, spray out your oven and leave for a further 2 hours prior to washing the oven out again.

3.Mrs Hinch's minky sponge. These work wonders when cleaning the oven. Use the minky dry when applying oven cleaner and work in a circular motion when cleaning. Use a different cloth when rinsing off the cleaning product. The sponge is an affordable product and will remove stubborn tough stains. This is my go to item.

4. FABULOUSA it is faboulous. They can be used on anything. They range from antibacterial spray, carpet cleaner, disinfectant and surface spray. The come in many different flavours (cherry being my favourite). These leave your home smelling absolutley beautiful. Spray them onto surfaces and leave for 15 minutes to sink in before wiping down. With the disinfectant bottles , if you have an empty spray bottle put one cap full into 400ml of water and spray away.

5. Ciff  Cream - This product will remove just about anything. It works well on cleaning the hob , walls and doors. Whether you have young children who draw on walls , lightly dampen a sponge apply the ciff cream and gently dab onto walls/ surfaces and wipe in a circle motion. Do this twice if the stain is not conpletley gone.

All of the product can be purchased from poundland , home bargains and b n ms at an affordable price.

Happy Cleaning🧹🧽

Love Mamma x


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