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Messy play on a budget.x

Hello readers , On rainy days our children seem to be a lot less engaged and more bored than on days where they can access the outdoors. Children love to get their hands dirty and explore messy play keeping them focused and engaged. Messy play takes our children on a journey through theie experiances and preferences, developing childrens experiances in the world as they begin to understand textures and smells. Childrens imagination can be developed through messy play and messy play develops childrens concentration span levels. Another benefit of messy play is childrens communication skills are developing.  Here are some quick and easy messy play ideas for the family ; 1. Gloop play. Gloop is realy quick and simple to make. Find an old tray or bowl and add 2 cups of cornflour . Slowly add 1 cup of water and mix until the cornflour soaks up the water. Give your children spoons or utensils to play in the cornflour with or let them get stuck in with their hands. Children can be creative as

Working mamma and family time.x

Hello readers, Working full time can be hard especially when it comes to making time for your children aswell as house chores. Running a family home can be difficult when parents work full time and end up feeling guilty for not giving their 100% attention to their children after work. Family time is always one that lifts spirits and makes you happy benifiting your mental health. Its ok to leave chores for the next day , children would much rather have your attention then a tidy living room , its ok to leave dishes till the next day , its ok to leave the washing in the basket and the ironing till another day...its ok to leave all chores for a day or so. Take some time aside from cleaning and enjoy the free time with your children.  Take some time aside and share a story with your child. Talk about the book with them and ask them questions. You are still spending time with your child even at bedtime/ story time. Children love it when parents sit with them. Have a weekend and let your chi