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How beneficial is a play based learning approach.x

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There has been many debates on whether or not a play based learning approach is the way forward for children to learn and develop effectively. Many think play a based learning approach will benefit children as they are able to choose what they want to do, based on their own interests being centered around themselves. Doing this will lead to the child becoming more focused as they are doing something they enjoy and not forced to sit and learn from a teacher.

A play based learning approach is very much open and allows the child to take you on a journey through their learning and their own ideas. Having a play based learning approach does not set any goals or targets for the children to achieve, even though the play has a purpose. Here there is no pressure on the child to succeed and they are not being forced to sit and learn.Children will often show their own curiosity and develop social skills when playing with other children around them, through role play or general play. Play based learning is desired to be enjoyable for the child and is aimed to be relaxing for them as they are able to engage effectively with others. During play children are not instructed on how to play , however they are observed on the actions they take , developing a childs cognitive skills. In educational settings, rooms are seperated apart , generally into spaces such as a home corner , a construction area , messy play area and a quiet area. Children are able to choose what it is they want to go to and have their interests observed. This is very much child centered and the play is centered directly around the child and what the child wants to do. With play based learning the child is not forced into doing activities and will have the freedom to start an activity what they wish to do. Children are still able to learn through play without realising they are actually learning. Children are able to be creative through play and the child is able to make decisions themselves and giving objects a purpose. For example if we give a child a spoon and a bowl ,we would expect them to pretend to mix withit it, however a child who has not been instructed to do so may hit the bowl with the spoon instead. Children here can just be children and are able to explore resources with their surroundings, learning at their own pace. Some believe children learn best by playing , exploring and interacting with their peers. Through a play based learning children are developing social skills and forming friendships and bonds with peers, learning how to co operate with each other with establishing their own identity. Language skills are widely developed when children are in a play based setting as they are able to communicate with peers and it also develops emotional skills as children are building resilience. 

Overview of the pros

1. Children can explore their surroundings without the structure of an adult.

2. Children develop social skills and communication skills for better interaction with peers.

3. Children can just be children.

4. A relaxed learning approach reduces the stress on a child.

5. You are taken on a journey through your childs learning.

6. Your child and their interest is a priority.

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