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How to make space goggles with your child.x

Hello readers and Happy Sunday !

I hope this blog finds you well. All children love messy play and love to get creative expressing their own ideas through creativity. You can give your child any resources you can get hold of and they will turn it into something exciting and fun to them. Children will be using their imagination, using their own initiative to create objects for a purpose to them. When doing these sort of activities your child will be developing fine motor skills , developing their imagination (which is a sector to the EYFS) and having lots of fun building on their emotionl skills and resilience. All of these are skills which children will thrive through life with.

Here’s what you need to make ‘space goggles’

. 2 empty toilet roll holders 
. Paints
. Stick on eyes
. Glue
. Feathers
. Pom-poms 
. Pipe cleaners
. Any craft resources you have

How do we make them?

1] Glue your 2 empty toilet roll holders together side by side.
2] Encourage your child 2 choose different colours and paint each of the toilet roll holders. (Remember to put some old newspaper down preventing any “accidental” spillages)
3] When the goggles has dried, provide your child with glue and the craft resources such as pom-poms , feathers, pipe cleaners. Buttons , glitter and sequences. Don’t be afraid of going extra with the decorating.
4] Leave the goggles to dry and let your child be anything they want to be when dry. They may even want to be mini Neil Armstrongs and go to the moon.

Why is this beneficial to children?
- Develops cognitive skills
- Develops creativity
- Develops emotional skills
- Helps with fine motor skills 
- Builds on childs resilience 

I hope you enjoyed this type of blog , happy making and crafting.

Love Mamma Blogs x


  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog! I've enjoyed looking around here, I think my granddaughter would love to make these goggles!

    1. Thankyou to you for viewing mine also. They were so fun to make I hope she likes making them x

  2. So nice that you have an interest in the children. They need to stimulation and the motivation. I am wondering if “sensory“ is misspelled in your header... You seem to have some good ideas for the kiddos. I’m sure they will love the shaving cream idea. The messier the better.

    1. Hello , thankyou so much for the heads up on the spelling mistake, auto correct for you ah. I think it's so important that children need the stimulation for them to grow and develop. Shaving foam is a win when at work and home.


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