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New posts coming soon.x

 Hello readers Sorry for the lack of posts I have been very busy with work and family. New posts will be every Wednesday at Sunday. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Love Mamma x

Homemade Brownies.x

 Hello readers , I hope you well where ever in the world this blog finds you. This morning consisted of baking and cleaning and eating up our creations. Here is how you can make some too! - 250g all purpose flower - 200g soft buter (for melting) - 130g caster sugar - 1 teaspoon of salt - 3 eggs - 3/4 cup of cocco powder How to make them.... 1. In a saucepan fill up the pan with an inch deep of water and set to warm on hob. 2. In a bowl add the sugar , salt and butter and put over the pan. Make sure the bowl is not touching the water , if so empty some out the pan. 3. When the mixture is warm take the bowl off the pan and turn off the hob. Add the 3 eggs to the mixture stiring well. Add you flour and coco powder together and mix. Depending on the consistency add flour if to wet and milk if too dry.  4. In a greased large square tin/dish pournin the mixture and put in the oven for 20 mins or until golden brown. 5. When cooled cut up into squares and set aside on a cooling rack. 6. Pop th

Friday Feeling x

 Good afternoon / good evening / good morning to where ever in the world you beautiful are. Its friday which means its the weekend , time to relax and enjoy some family time. As I had a day off work today has been focused on cleaning the house and getting the little ones hair cut ready for back to school....eeeeek. How has your friday treated you? Keep your eyes pealed for my brownie recipe😊 Happy Friday , enjoy your weekend Love Mamma  Xx

Water play activities x

 Hello readers  Firstly sorry about the lack of uploading its been a very busy few days. How are you all doing? I hope your all keeping safe and well.  Todays blog we bill based on water play activities and how these benefit children. Although when in school or nuesery, waterplay is something we are unable to do due to covid-19 as children are not able to share water. Water play can act as a sensory base for children to explore textures and how things feel. When playing in water children will be developing socially and emotionally as they can play with the water aside other children. Children can communicate with other children and staff about what they are experiencing. Children will learn turn taking in the water and learn to play with children also. Children will be developing emotional skills by joining in with each others play. Water play can be therapeutic for some children as they can find the sensation of water running through their hands relaxing. In opposition to this childre

101 indoor activities. X

 Hello  readers  I hope your well , here are 101 budget indoor activites you can do as a family. 1. Family hand printing (and paw using pet friendly products of cause) 2. Make a den 3. Act out a favourite story 4. Make cakes 5. Have an indoor picnic 6. Dance together 7 . Play hide and seek 8. Make a puppet show 9. Tell a made up story 10. Do a child friendly fitness video 11. Play card games 12. Video call a family member 13. Make playdough 14. Paint a picture 15. Have a movie day 16. Sing together 17. Have a bubble party 18. Play I spy 19. Play some board games 20. Make a lego structure 21. Make your own ice lollies 22. Be superheroes 23. Potatoe printing 24. Tell a silly story 25. Finger paint a picture 26. Make a tin piano 27. Have a kids yoga session 28. Tidy you room together 29. Create a homemade pizza 30. Make your own rain shaker 31. Have a clothes sort out 32. Have a junk modelling contest 33. Make gloop 34. Make your own sock puppets 35. Use

5 activites to help engage SEN children. X

 Hello readers  I hope your well.  When having responsibility for a class of children and being responsible for their development , it can be a daunting task to differentiate for all abilities. It is important to know that some children may not adapt to certain ways of teaching and may prefer to learn differently.  It is important that us educators are allowing activites to be provided for children that are of all abilities and no children are missed out. Having this in place allows all children an equal opportunity to develop. 1) Picture Bingo Cards. Having the pictures in front of the children will help to play games by sight. SEN children may find it difficult to sit and listen to number Bingo. Having picture Bingo in place allows children to recognise objects by sight and adapt them to real life experiences. Visual pictures makes it easier to understand spoken words to pictures rather than having written words. 2) Emoji Fun. It is important that children are able to understand emot

Food for thought.x

 Hello readers  This is not something I would usually do on my blog but I saw this and needed to share as too many of us in the world put ourselves down and regret things we should not. I really want to share this image with you all.  We should not regret things we have or have not done, things we should have done and things we shouldn't have done. There is  no point giving ourselves a hard time for these things. We are strong. We are independent. We are good people. Never regret a moment of your lives. Live for today and never look back with regret. Focus on our futures and what we can do. This image was chosen from  Happy Friday All x Love Mamma x

Sensory activities for the children.x

Hello Readers , I hope your well. Some may believe that children learn best by exploring through everyday life and having the experience of different senses they come across. We all use our senses to explore objects,  tasting food and how things look. Children can be as creative as they like during sensory play using their imagination to give objects a purpose. Children can use sensory play as soothing activity to calm themselves down. As well as  being a soothing activity children can use sensory play to develop their own iterests and bring them to life.  Here are some sensory activties you can do with your children ; Bottle tops and bubbles - water play is always a fun activity for the children especially on our warmer days. Fill up a sink with water and bubbles and place different sized bottle tops in the water. Children can empty and pour the water with bottle tops and see what objects float and what dont. Squash paint bags - in a sealable bag put different primary paint colours

Sunday baking with the kids.x

Hello readers , Happy Sunday! Who doesn’t love to bake? Getting the kids to join in to help will limit the time kids spend on screen time and spend some family time instead. Children will love to help and join you in the kitchen you can encourage them to do this as much as you can. Children will be occupied and away from screens when cooking with an adult and cooking reduces stress levels . Cooking activities can improve fine motor skills as kids will carefully hold cooking equiment in their hands using grasps for control. Children can develop their muscles by mixing with spoons and when using icing , squeezing the icing through the icing bags. When baking children are seeing numbers for the ingredients and how much they weigh, for older children who are able to recognise numbers you can ask how many grams / ounces or whatever measurements you wish to use are needed for the receipt. You can encourage your child to explore textures and you can describe the difference between the dry and

Why is reading really important?

Hello  readers and welcome back. A new day , a new month and another step forward to completed your goals! A video I stumbled across the other day got me thinking on the importance of reading to children , children reading and why reading is beneficial to them and to us parents , careers,  grandparents and who ever it is that wishes to read to the child.  Reading can come across as a chore to some children, especially if they do not enjoy reading. Having a background of being a parent and working with children for the past 6 years it amazes me on how different children can react when it comes to reading. Books are very beneficial to children even for the ones who are unable to read.  Children will learn a lot of vocabulary when reading and books take them into a whole new world of imagination. Children who learn whole range of vocabulary when reading and hearing stories. They will pick up on the language quickly and will attempt to repeat the phrases they hear. Children are able to sig