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101 indoor activities. X

 Hello  readers 

I hope your well , here are 101 budget indoor activites you can do as a family.

1. Family hand printing (and paw using pet friendly products of cause)
2. Make a den
3. Act out a favourite story
4. Make cakes
5. Have an indoor picnic
6. Dance together
7 . Play hide and seek
8. Make a puppet show
9. Tell a made up story
10. Do a child friendly fitness video
11. Play card games
12. Video call a family member
13. Make playdough
14. Paint a picture
15. Have a movie day
16. Sing together
17. Have a bubble party
18. Play I spy
19. Play some board games
20. Make a lego structure
21. Make your own ice lollies
22. Be superheroes
23. Potatoe printing
24. Tell a silly story
25. Finger paint a picture
26. Make a tin piano
27. Have a kids yoga session
28. Tidy you room together
29. Create a homemade pizza
30. Make your own rain shaker
31. Have a clothes sort out
32. Have a junk modelling contest
33. Make gloop
34. Make your own sock puppets
35. Use your pots and pans as instruments
36. Complete a jigsaw together
37. Have a tea party
38. Make a care package for a relative
39. Create a family tree
40. Make a pasta necklace
41. Do the bouncy egg experiment
42. Make paper aeroplanes
43. Go on a scavenger hunt
44. Create butterfly pictures
45. Play Simon Says
46. Listen to the radio together
47. Have a go at juggling
48. Complete wordsearches together
49. Make your own indoor bowling alley
50. Play musical statues
51. Paint rice
52. Have a balloon party
53. See who can throw the ball in the basket
54. Turn an old box into a robot
55. Paint with cotton buds
56. Wash your family pet (if you have one if not why not use a teddy)
57. Shaving foam play
58. Paint pasta
59. Sort and count loose change
60. Canvas painting
61. Paint stones
62. Play shopkeepers
63. Painting letters and numbers
64. Make an indoor hopscotch (you can use ribbon as your squares)
65. Have a Disney singalong
66. Look at family photos old and new
67. Throw bean bags
68. Make your own sensory boxes
69. The floor is lava game
70. Play bingo
71. Play charades
72. Decorate paper plates
73. Paint bubble wrap
74. Print with lemons
75. Wash up together
76. Involve your child in sweeping the floor
77. Bake ginger bread men
78. Make a buntin
79. Make paint toy car tracks
80. Play kerplunk
81. Shape sort together
82. Post pipe cleaners through your colander
83. Make your own ball pit
84. Paint on tin foil
85. Race your toy cars
86. Make your own car ramp
87. Paint garden leaves
88. Pretend your robots
89. Write a letter to each other
90. Create a dinosaur land
91. Make smoothies
92. Have a tea party
93. Play musical chairs
94. Paint pictures together
95 . Pretend your pirates
96. Move around different animals
97. Make vegetable friends
98. Make a picture collage with tissue paper
99. Play vidoe games
100. Make lollipop stick people
101. Have a pyjama day


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