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Water play activities x

 Hello readers 

Firstly sorry about the lack of uploading its been a very busy few days. How are you all doing? I hope your all keeping safe and well. 

Todays blog we bill based on water play activities and how these benefit children. Although when in school or nuesery, waterplay is something we are unable to do due to covid-19 as children are not able to share water. Water play can act as a sensory base for children to explore textures and how things feel. When playing in water children will be developing socially and emotionally as they can play with the water aside other children. Children can communicate with other children and staff about what they are experiencing. Children will learn turn taking in the water and learn to play with children also. Children will be developing emotional skills by joining in with each others play. Water play can be therapeutic for some children as they can find the sensation of water running through their hands relaxing. In opposition to this children can let off energy and develop motor skills at the same tine by spalshing , jumping and kicking in the water.

Here is how you can make waterplay fun and educational.

1. Adding sea animals to your water. Ask childre  questions about what animal they have? What size is their animal? Does their animal float? Does their animal make a noise? Children will be using critical thinking and communication skills here.

2. Provide jugs and funnels. Children here can scoop up water and practice emptying and filling containers. Chidlren can watch the water fall through the funnel and feel this with their hands. Children will be using motor skills to control aswell as hand eye co ordination.

3. Add foam letters and numbers. You can ask children to find specific letters or numbers and pass them to you. Here literacy and numeracy skills are being developed. Children will be developing amd begining to follow your instructions when doing this. Instead of making the activity adult led you can observe the children and see what they say the letters and numbers are. 

4. Pour food colouring in the water. This will be a great sensory activity for children. You can ask children what colours they would like to add and encourage them to mix colours together. Pbserve the children to see if they are able to identify the colours correctly.

5. Add floating and sinking objects. You can talk to the children and see if they are able to discuss what objects are sinking and what objects float. You can ask them why this happens. Chidlren here will be thinking critically and using their imagination.

I hope you enjoyed these few ideas and will habe fun trying them out.

Happy Splashing

Love Mamma x


  1. My granddaughters loved waterplay. I bet they would still like some of these ideas!

    1. Water play is so fun , keeps them busy for a longer period of time , hope all is well x


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