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Why is reading really important?

Hello  readers and welcome back.

A new day , a new month and another step forward to completed your goals! A video I stumbled across the other day got me thinking on the importance of reading to children , children reading and why reading is beneficial to them and to us parents , careers,  grandparents and who ever it is that wishes to read to the child.  Reading can come across as a chore to some children, especially if they do not enjoy reading. Having a background of being a parent and working with children for the past 6 years it amazes me on how different children can react when it comes to reading. Books are very beneficial to children even for the ones who are unable to read. 

Children will learn a lot of vocabulary when reading and books take them into a whole new world of imagination. Children who learn whole range of vocabulary when reading and hearing stories. They will pick up on the language quickly and will attempt to repeat the phrases they hear. Children are able to sight see words as they hear them spoken. With an adults support they can say the words out loud whilst pointing to each of them individually.

Children will begin  to hear and recognise the sounds that make up those letters for words. Whilst they see the words in the book am adult can point to a word for example the word dog an adult can point to the letter d and say d d dog using phonics. Children will eventually repeat the letter sounds to build a base for their reading journey.

A childs communication skills can grow massively with reading. Children can spark conversation with the reader to why certain events have happened and why people maybe feeling sad or happy. The reader can can ask qquestions to what will happen next , what can you see , what was your favourite part , who do you like the best , why do you think hes sad and what ending do you think will happen? All of these are ways to develop communication whilst developing social skills as children are engaging and communicating with each other.

Reading books can also keep our childre  safe. If they read a book about road traffic they are able to recognise these in real life. If a child sees a book about traffic lights they will understand that when in real life lights are on green cars can go. They will recognise stop signs and warning signs too.

Reading can reduce a childs stress levels. When children read or are getting read to it is just them  a book and a whole new imaginative world. Take 10 to 15 minutes a day quiet time where you and your child can read together.

Happy Reading, 

Love Mamma x


  1. Reading is a wonderful thing! I love to read and we have a big bookcase of kids books that we read to our grandkids when they come over. It's nice to see that joy of reading being transferred to them.

    1. I love to read to mine , ever since they were little they enjoyed books a lot. Its enjoyable le to see children with a book, lovely to hear the love your grandchildren have for reading x


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