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Covid 19 test....x

 Hello readers

Sorry about the delay , yesterday was stressful as we had to get the little one tested for covid 19 as he stsrted to showspme symptoms. We are pretty it is just the flu but after being back at school for just 2 days you can imagine the stress we are going through. Currently we are isolating until results come back ...hopefully negative. Today he seems to be much better whereas the other day we were in two minds whether this could be covid 19 as a temp was present and and a cough too. However he also had flu symptoms such as runny nose and  sneezing. Now its just the waiting game. 

Sorry I have  not posted any activites for you to try we are all abit srtressed waiitng.

Love Mamma x


  1. Praying for negative results and for him to feel better regardless of what is causing it!

    1. Thankyou hes back to his self now just the waiting game x


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